Dog Walking and Pet Services in Knutsford

Services tailored to your every need

With the busy lives we lead today through work or social commitments we don’t always get the time to do everything we would like, so whether it is a daily walk or company that your dog requires, The Real Hounds of Cheshire can provide that service and you can be assured that your dog is being cared for with the same love and affection you give them.


There are many benefits to regular walks, exercise and interaction with others:-

  • Helps control weight
  • Agile and Limber
  • Digestive system – can aid in relieving constipation
  • Help to reduce or eliminate boredom or destructive behaviour (chewing, digging, scratching and barking)
  • Alleviate extra energy your dog may have, calming them down and reducing any hyperactivity and excitability
  • Can help a dog feel more relaxed by reducing pent up energy leading to better sleep at bedtime

Fun, fun, fun at the Real Hounds of Cheshire

I appreciate that each one of our dogs have their own personality and all walks/visits are tailored to your dogs needs whether that maybe a short walk, an hour walk, doggy care, home visits, playtime or companionship.

The walks are within the local area and are varied to ensure the dogs explore different surroundings and enjoy new scents for stimulation. If your dog is timid or fearful, I can help to build their confidence and trust with regular one on one short walks gradually introducing my dogs if appropriate.